Our Customers Love Their Royal Totes!

Joyce Watson

Perfect sac to take to the beach to gather sea shells, thanks Debbie Casha, bags fit perfectly in my pocket till there ready to use.

Joyce Watson

Citrus Height, CA

So my wife and I were taking a mini vacation in Nashville and I decided to try out my new wool cowboy hat. Only one problem. While we were walking around on the second day of our trip, it started to rain. We only had one umbrella and I was afraid my hat would still get wet if we shared it. Well guess what my wife had in her purse? Royal Totes to the rescue!

Patric W.

Greenwood, IN

Went shopping today with my Royal totes. This is how easy and convenient my reusable bags are. I spent $80 at the store used 5 bags put my groceries away, stuffed the bags back in the attached caring pouch, ready to put back in the car for the next time.

I love them and not just because I own the patent.

Debbie Casha

This product is simply amazing. 3 bags in 1. I keep it in my purse. Takes up minimal space. I use it daily. So convenient to have, because I always forget those “other” bags that are in the trunk of my car, as I’m standing in the check out thinking… I forgot again. This product is very sturdy and holds much weight. To have 3 bags available at all times is so perfect. Thanks for me not having to touch a plastic grocery, shopping bag ever again. I’m ordering more now for gifts.

Jean J.