My Story

Did you know 100 billion plastic bags are discarded each year in this country? Plastic bags do not biodegrade; they pose a serious threat to the environment and our wildlife. Thousands of birds and marine life die each year from swallowing and choking on discarded plastic bags.

When I discovered these facts, I decided to make the change to only using reusable bags. But these quickly became inconvenient; bags available on the market were low quality, distorted after washing, and cumbersome to use.

I knew there had to be a better product.

When I …. My Eureka moment hit me: “I need to make my own bag.”

And I needed more than one bag. My design had to be compact for convenience, machine washable, and durable.

With the help of a very talented friend I developed three full size totes with a zippered carry pouch attached to one of the three bags. This multi-tote design folds up to the size of your hand. The bags are constructed of strong, tightly woven polyester/ rip stop nylon. Reinforced stitching makes this product strong enough to easily carry 50 pounds.

These multi-tote bags are designed with multiple jobs in mind: excellent for travel, young families with children, dirty sports or gym clothes, stinky soccer shoes, or groceries. They fit perfectly in a pocket, a purse, or in the glove box of your car.

Because this idea seemed so simple I felt I needed to patent the idea. I filed a U.S. patent on June 4, 2014, and began production.

My hope and goal is to educate every person to care and to do their part in keeping the planet beautiful, 3 bags at a time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Debbie Casha

Mission Statement

Royal Totes

Royal Totes by Titan is dedicated to educating people to be aware and care to do their part in keeping the planet beautiful. Royal Totes are compact, convenient, machine washable and durable bags that fold up to the size of your hand. Three totes in one, these strong bags are designed for a wide variety of jobs.